If your concrete is sinking... there is a very good possibility that the concrete slab was installed on poorly compacted fill dirt. Sub-surface erosion and shrinking soils are also possibilities.  However, as Sarnia and surrounding area residents you are fortunate enough to have a concrete leveler in your area, and therefore you should not have spend thousands of dollars to replace the existing concrete. Sarnia Paving Stone Ltd. can float a slab back to its original position by pumping an environmentally friendly sand mixture beneath your slab.  

Concrete leveling is a process, which hydraulically lifts your existing concrete to its original position.

Sarnia Paving Stone Ltd. continues to be a leader in the area of concrete leveling.  Concrete leveling provides a logical cost effective alternative to replacing sunken or settled concrete that can save you hundreds of dollars. The benefits are but are not limited to:

1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacement
Reduced liability for trip hazards
Repairs can be completed in a few hours
The repair is less noticeable than replacing a section
No dirty and dusty demolition is required
No dry and cure time for the new cement is required
No disruption or replacement of landscaping.
No disruption to the existing aggregate base
The leveled slab can be used the same day as the repair
Slope water away from house foundation